Производственное здание

ул. Индустриальная, 15

г. Севастополь, Республика Крым, Гагаринский area.
paint-and-lacquer materials, Building materials shops
Facade materials, Roofing works, Roof covering
Demolition works, Roofing works, Installation works
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Rubber technical goods
Building materials shops, Waterproofing materials
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Construction works, Architecture, engineering and design, Interior finishing and repair, Building materials shops
paint-and-lacquer materials, Ceramic tiles, Building materials shops
судовое снабжение. производство судовых аварийно спасательных средст, поставка судового оборудования, зип к дизелям, арматура, противопожарное оборудование, насосы, дизеля, кондиционеры, охладители
Household supplies, Household goods
Sanitary ware, Boiler equipment and boilers, Heating and water supply systems
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